We buy bars and rounds of Silver, Platinum, and Gold at current Spot Price.

What are Bars and Rounds?

Rounds are, well, round. They resemble coins. They may even be coins minted by a government. Rounds of precious metal were made to resemble coins. Real coins have a backing from a government but most rounds do not.

Tip: Some precious metal coins are worth more than bullion value. Make sure you have them appraised by a reputable coin dealer before selling them. You might be selling yourself short. We pride ourselves on looking out for our customer's best interests.

Bars are, well, like bars. They may be small or large. Many are small ounce size and may have serial numbers on them.

How is it decided what they are worth?

  1. When you bring in your bullion, we first test what purity it is.
  2. Then we determine the weight.
  3. We use the spot price of the metal on the commodities Exchange to determine the price.

It is pretty simple math: percent purity times weight in ounces time dollars per ounce from the commodities exchange spot price equals what you get. Simple as that - upfront and transparent.

If you have any questions, come on in. We are very patient to explain everything to you. We are here to help.