The LJR Community under COVID-19

  • No More Bid Board

    We had one of the few bid boards in the Seattle area that provided an opportunity for our customers to trade their collectables conveniently and securely. We no longer have the bid board because we can not have crowds of people at any one time in the store. We still have the buy it now board.

  • No More Saturday Coffee Klatch

    Since memory serves us, we have always had a Saturday group that would meetup at the store for coffee, donuts, and comradery. After the Bid Board moved to Saturdays, the group got larger. Of course, this too had to discontinue because of complications of crowds during COVID-19.

  • Food Bank Dropoff

    We are still collecting food items for the Burien Food Bank. Check your shelves for food items nearing their expiration date before comming in. You can drop them off in our store and we will make sure it gets to the food bank, The food bank will get it to someone who won't be letting anything set on their shelves for long.